Improved gender classification using Discrete Wavelet Transform and hybrid Support Vector Machine

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Jakub Walczak
Adam Wojciechowski

Keywords : computer vision, gender recognition, DWT, SVM
Gender recognition, across different races and regardless of age, is becoming an increasingly important technology in the domains of marketing, human-computer interaction and security. Most state-of-the-art systems consider either highly constrained conditions or relatively large databases. In either case, often not enough attention is paid to cross-racial age-invariant applications. This paper proposes a~method of hybrid classification, which performs well even with a small training set. The design of the classifier enables the construction of reliable decision boundaries insensitive to an aging model as well as to race variation. For a training set consisting of one hundred images, the proposed method reached an accuracy level of 90%, whereas the best method known from the literature, tested under the restrictions imposed on the database, achieved only 78% accuracy.

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Walczak, J., & Wojciechowski, A. (2016). Improved gender classification using Discrete Wavelet Transform and hybrid Support Vector Machine. Machine Graphics and Vision, 25(1/4), 27–34.

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