The LaTeX template

For writing the final version of the paper for MG&V please use the MG&V LaTeX package [note]. The ZIPped file contains the most up-to-date files: the LaTeX template for the paper, the BibTeX template for the references, the LaTeX class file, the BibTeX style file, and the compiled template in PDF. The simpliest way to write your paper is to edit the templates.

Detailed Instructions

If some .tex files are included from the main file, please name the main file in such a way that it is clear which file should be compiled as the main one.

If the text requires nonstandard LaTeX macro definitions, they should be provided in the preamble of the main file.

Nonstandard fonts should not be used.

The images for the figures should be placed in separate files, without lossy compression, in any format directly read by the LaTeX system (with the graphicx package). Please provide a separate image for each subfigure, if any. Do not include captions, or denotations of subfigures (like letters or numbers) in the images – such elements should be typeset as text, outside the images (see the .tex template for a simple example).

The references should be prepared in the form of the BibTeX file (see the .bib template for a simple example). It is highly recommended that a DOI identifier should be given for every reference; if none is available, then an URL address should be given, if possible. The publications in books, journals and conference proceedings are preferred over the preprints made available by the authors in their own web pages or in the preprint-orientated services.

In addition, the authors should include a hardcopy-equivalent version of the paper in the .PDF format for reference purposes (the compiled document).

For more datailed instructions see the template source files and the compiled template available in the package.

The particular version of LaTeX we use is MiKTeX. We advice to use MiKTeX locally on your machine. We do not recommend the web-based LaTeX services due to that the source files generated with them are frequently incompatible with standard LaTeX.

When sending the camera ready version to MG&V please do not forget the other advices laid out in the Author Guidelines in the section on Submissions.

We strongly do not recommend automatic transformation of the text produced by your text editor into LaTeX. The software for such automatic transformation usually generates text with many artificially introduced formatting instructions which are intended to mimic the original view of the paper, while totally ignoring its structure. So, please avoid manually changing the formatting set by the MG&V class. LaTeX is designed to keep the good structure of the text, so please use it according to the intentions of its creators. Consult the excellent and concise manual:
Tobias Oetiker, Hubert Partl, Irene Hyna and Elisabeth Schlegl
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

[note]: The MG&V LaTeX package file is downloaded from the external server which belongs to the Association for Image Processing, Poland – Towarzystwo Przetwarzania Obrazów (TPO). The server is safe and the file can be downloaded safely.