The LaTeX template

For writing the final version of the paper for MG&V please use the MG&V LaTeX package [note]. The ZIPped file contains the LaTeX template, the LaTeX class file and the BibTeX style for MG&V. The simpliest way to write your paper is to edit the template. See the template source file and the compiled template available in the package for instructions. The particular version of LaTeX we use is MiKTeX.

We strongly do not recommend automatic transformation of the text produced by your text editor into LaTeX. The software for such automatic transformation usually generates text with many artificially introduced formatting instructions which are intended to mimic the original view of the paper, while totally ignoring its structure. So, please avoid manually changing the formatting set by the MG&V class. LaTeX is designed to keep the good structure of the text, so please use it according to the intentions of its creators. Consult the excellent and concise manual:
Tobias Oetiker, Hubert Partl, Irene Hyna and Elisabeth Schlegl
The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX

[note]: The MG&V LaTeX package file is downloaded from the external server which belongs to the Association for Image Processing – Towarzystwo Przetwarzania Obrazów (TPO). The server is safe and the file can be downloaded safely.