Normal Patch Retinex robust algorithm for white balancing in digital microscopy

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Izabella Antoniuk
Artur Krupa
Radosław Roszczyk

Keywords : auto white balance algorithm, microscope image processing, staining of microscopic slides, digital microscopy
The acquisition of accurately coloured, balanced images in an optical microscope can be a challenge even for experienced microscope operators. This article presents an entirely automatic mechanism for balancing the white level that allows the correction of the microscopic colour images adequately. The results of the algorithm have been confirmed experimentally on a set of two hundred microscopic images. The images contained scans of three microscopic specimens commonly used in pathomorphology. Also, the results achieved were compared with other commonly used white balance algorithms in digital photography. The algorithm applied in this work is more effective than the classical algorithms used in colour photography for microscopic images stained with hematoxylin-phloxine-saffron and for immunohistochemical staining images.

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Antoniuk, I., Krupa, A., & Roszczyk, R. (2020). Normal Patch Retinex robust algorithm for white balancing in digital microscopy. Machine Graphics and Vision, 29(1/4), 79–94.

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