Guessing quantum states from images of their zeros in the complex plane

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Maciej Janowicz
Andrzej Zembrzuski

Keywords : scientific visualization, zeros of wave functions, Bargmann representation, Weierstrass factorization theorem, Convolutional Neural Networks

The problem of determining the wave function of a physical system based on the graphical representation of its zeros is considered. It can be dealt with by invoking the Bargmann representation in which the wave functions are represented by analytic functions with an appropriate definition of the scalar product. The Weierstrass factorization theorem can then be applied. Examples of states that can be guessed from the pictorial representation of zeros by both the human eye and, possibly, by machine learning systems are given. The quality of recognition by the latter has been tested using Convolutional Neural Networks.

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Janowicz, M., & Zembrzuski, A. (2023). Guessing quantum states from images of their zeros in the complex plane. Machine Graphics and Vision, 32(3/4), 147–159.

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