Vol. 32 No. 3/4 (2023)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22630//MGV.2023.32.3

Published: 2023-12-18

The papers in this issue are published according to the Accepted Papers Online policy. The full bibliographic data are fixed and will not be changed, so they can be readily used for reference, indexing, etc.

Additional look into GAN-based augmentation for deep learning COVID-19 image classification

Oleksandr Fedoruk, Konrad Klimaszewski, Aleksander Ogonowski, Michał Kruk


Rule-based explaining module: Enhancing the interpretability of recurrent relational network in Sudoku solving

Pimpa Cheewaprakobkit, Timothy K. Shih, Timothy Lau , Yu-Cheng Lin , Chih-Yang Lin